Wednesday | May 24, 2017
Council Chambers | 1:00 PM
Committee Members  
Sandy Rummel, Chair Metropolitan Council District 11
Mark Daleiden Wright County
Jeanne Daniels Department of Natural Resources
Randy Ellingboe Department of Health
Georg Fischer Dakota County
Todd Gerhardt City of Chanhassan
Phil Klein City of Hugo
Catherine Neuschler Pollution Control Agency
Susan Morris Isanti County
Michael Robinson Chisago County
Steve Schneider St. Paul Regional Water Services
Jamie Schurbon Anoka County
Barry Stock City of Savage
Jeff Berg Department of Agriculture
Lisa Vollbrecht Sherburne County
Glen Gerads City of Minneapolis
Patty Acomb City of Minnetonka
Dean Lotter City of New Brighton

Note: Quorum = 9; Voting = Majority of quorum present must vote in favor for it to pass


1:00        CALL TO ORDER



March 22, 2017 regular meeting of the Metropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Committee.

1:10        TAC UPDATE

TAC Chair Mark Maloney will provide an update from that committee’s May 2, 2017 meeting including discussion of technical analyses and data needs.

1:20        BUSINESS


1.  Dakota County Groundwater Monitoring: Collaborating for Results –Vanessa Demuth, Dakota County and Nikol Ross and Brennon Schaefer, MN Department of Agriculture

Dakota County will present drinking water quality results from the ongoing Ambient Groundwater Quality Study, the Targeted Township Study (a partnership with the MN Department of Agriculture) and the WIISE (Wells and Increased Infant Sensitivity Study and Exposure) Study, a pilot project with the Minnesota Department of Health. Since 2013, the MDA’s Township Testing Program has collaborated with local partners to sample private drinking water wells for nitrate. The nitrate results will be used to determine the next steps. During follow-up sampling, both nitrate and pesticides are sampled for. The 2015 pesticide results from the community public water supply reconnaissance will also be discussed.

2.  MPCA’s Chloride Strategy– Catherine Neuschler, MPCA

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has developed a strategy for dealing with chloride issues in all its agency programs. The presentation today focuses on two programs: groundwater monitoring and wastewater permitting.

3.  Policy Discussion: Collaboration for Successful Water Supply Planning– Ali Elhassan, Metropolitan Council

Ali Elhassan will lead the group in a discussion of policy considerations of collaboration opportunities, considering the presentations above and input from the Water Supply TAC.

4.  Legislative Update – Ali Elhassan, Metropolitan Council

An update will be provided about the 2017 legislative session including possible impacts to water supply planning in the metro area.

5.  Appointment Process for New TAC Members – Ali Elhassan, Metropolitan Council

Discussion the process to appoint new TAC members. Three options will be presented for MAWSAC members to provide input on.


  1. Next meeting date: July 26, 2017 in Council Chambers
  2. Upcoming agenda items

3:00        ADJOURNMENT

*              Additional materials included for items on published agenda
**             Additional business items added following publication of agenda
***           Backup materials available at the meeting