Metropolitan Council Building, 390 No. Robert Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101
Notice of a meeting of the


October 17, 2012
12:30 PM
Council Chambers, Metropolitan Council building
390 Robert Street No., St. Paul


Informal Discussion Among Members
I.       Call to Order.
II.      Adoption of the Agenda.

III.     Approval of the Minutes from September 19, 2012. *

IV.     Public Forum.
         (Invitation to the public to address the Board about any issue not on the agenda.  Public comment on the agenda items has occurred at the respective TAB subcommittee meetings.)

V.      TAB Chair Report.

a. 2012-33 Motion to suspend TAB Policy and Programming Committee meetings for a six month trial period.  *
·         Bill Hargis, TAB Chair
b. Information Transportation Policy Plan amendment for Bottineau LPA and Transitway Corridor Study Results. *
·         Kevin Roggenbuck, TAB Coordinator.
VI.     Committee Reports.  (Scheduled times for each agenda item are approximate, not time certain)
Technical Advisory Committee – Pat Bursaw, TAC Chair.
12:50-1:00 Report on the October 3, 2012 TAC meeting.
Policy Committee – Russ Stark and Randy Maluchnik, Co-Chairs.
1:00 Policy Committee Consent List Items
a.   Policy Committee meeting was canceled in October.
Programming Committee Jim Hovland and Robert Lilligren, Co-Chairs.
1:00 Programming Committee Consent List Items.
a.   Programming Committee meeting was canceled in October.

VII.    Special Agenda.

a. 1:00-1:45
Information “A” Minor Arterial Study *
Presentation on the draft final report including findings and recommendations.
·         Mary Karlsson, Metropolitan Council
b. 1:45-2:00
Federal Funds Management Process *
Discussion of adopted policy on the use of federal funds when regionally selected projects are deferred, withdrawn or sunset; comments and recommendation from the TAC regarding re-use of funds from withdrawn projects or the allocation of unanticipated funds.
·         Kevin Roggenbuck, TAB Coordinator
c. 2:00-2:20
Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21)
Briefing on preliminary analysis of MAP-21 and a regional work plan to understand its impacts on transportation planning and programming.
·         Koryn Zewers, MnDOT Program Analysis and Management Director
d. 2:20-2:50
Roadmap 2040
Presentation on the Transportation Alliance vision for transportation.
·         Margaret Donahoe, MN Transportation Alliance
e. 2:50-3:15 Information
Thrive MSP 2040 *
Discussion and comments on developing goals and vision for Thrive.
·         Libby Starling, Metropolitan Council
VIII.   Items of TAB Members.
IX.     Agency Reports.
X.      Other Business.
XI.     Adjourn.
* Information enclosed with the full TAB mailing. 
#    Information enclosed with the TAB Programming Committee mailing the previous week.
w    Information included in your TAB Policy Committee mailing.