Quarterly Meeting of the Audit Committee
Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Robert Chambers
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Committee Members
Edward Reynoso, Chair Steven T. Chávez Chuck Denninger
Cara Letofsky Julie Kleinschmidt Vacant
APPROVAL OF MINUTES October 14, 2015 of the quarterly meeting of the Audit Committee
1. 2016-A01 State Auditor Entrance Conference (Lisa Young, 651.296.5924; Amy Ames, 651.282.2392)
2. 2016-A02 Directors Report (Arleen Schilling, 651.602.1042)
3. 2016-A03 Review of Charter (Arleen Schilling, 651.602.1042)
4. 2016-A04 Risk Assessment and Audit Plan (Arleen Schilling, 651.602.1042)
5. 2016-A05 FTA Triennial Review (Arleen Schilling, 651.602.1042)
6. 2016-A06 FTA Federal Management Oversight Review (Arleen Schilling, 651.602.1042)
7. 2016-A08 Cloud Service Provider Management (Josiah Waderich, 651.602.1493)
8. 2016-A07 Drug and Alcohol Testing Contractor Review (Eru Egbuwoku, 651.602.1462; Liz Lauder, 651.602.1386)
9. 2016-A10 Follow-up Review: Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute’s Operational Assessment of Metro Transit Police Department (Eru Egbuwoku, 651.602.1462)
10. 2016-A09 CH2 Hill Contract Oversight and Monitoring Review (Matt LaTour, 651.602.1174)
1. 2016 Scheduled Audit Committee Meetings: March 23; June 22; October 26; and tentative December 14.
SW Action taken by Committee and Council the same week
* Additional materials included for items on published agenda
** Additional business item added following publication of agenda
*** Backup materials available at the meeting