Falcon Heights and others subscribe to metro area solar farms

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Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Falcon Heights City Hall has solar panels on its roof and in the past couple of years the city changed its code to make it easier for residents to install solar.

Now, the suburb, along with 21 other cities, has bought a subscription to planned metro area solar farms, furthering the city’s use and promotion of clean energy.

“The city of Falcon Heights drank the solar Kool-Aid many, many years ago, and it tastes great,” said Mayor Peter Lindstrom at an Aug. 23 meeting at the City Hall. The gathering touted the solar subscriptions, which the Metropolitan Council billed as “one of the state’s largest expansions of solar energy.”

Trevor Drake, a project manager at the Great Plains Institutes and a co-director of the Metro Clean Energy Resources Team (CERT), said the Met Council worked with private solar developers to facilitate the 22 subscriptions.


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