Urban Centers are home to most new housing in metro area

Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Minneapolis has consistently led the region's cities and townships in new residential construction since 2010, add­ing over 11,700 permitted new housing units over the past five years. This puts the region's largest city in a cate­gory of homebuilding unto itself.

That said, other places in the region have also permitted a considerable number of new housing units in the past five years. Between 2010 and 2015, Saint Paul permitted nearly 3,700 new housing units (about half of those in 2015 alone), followed by Woodbury, Blaine, Maple Grove, and Plymouth. 

Not only has the geographic pattern of homebuilding in the Twin Cities region shifted, the types of housing con­structed have as well.
Since 2010, more than half (53%) of all permitted new housing in the Twin Cities region were multifamily units, over 31,000 units.
Within permitted new housing since 2004, the share of single family homes ranged from a high of 55% in 2009 to low of 37% in 2015.

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See details about residential housing construction in the MetroStats research report, On the Rise: New Residential Construction in the Twin Cities Region (7 pages pdf).

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