Metro Transit expands rapid bus service with C Line

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Date: Thursday, March 22, 2018

MINNEAPOLIS - Construction is starting on a new rapid bus line that Metro Transit said will result in quicker trips between downtown Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center.

The C Line Bus Rapid Transit project will largely replace Route 19–running mostly on Penn Avenue and Olson Memorial Highway.

"It is actually just the next step to building out a regional transit system that will help us compete with peer regions across the nation," said Alene Tchourumoff, Metropolitan Council Chair.

According to Metro Transit, more than 7,000 people use Route 19 each weekday and ridership is expected to grow to 9,000 riders by 2030 on the C Line.

Like the light rail, service will operate every 10 minutes. Metro Transit said it will also be about 25 percent faster than Route 19 service. Stations will also have better features, like heating. Riders will pay their fares at the station instead of on the bus.

"You don't have to wait for a long line of people to get on the bus," said Madison Upson, a fifth grader at Lucy Laney Elementary School.

Minneapolis City Council Member Phillipe Cunningham pointed out the opportunities it will bring to north Minneapolis.


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