Updated train cars planned for Southwest light rail extension


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Date: 10/31/2016

Riders will notice some changes to Metro Transit’s light rail trains when they start rolling on the planned Southwest extension in the coming years.

Some of the improvements are subtle, like adding passenger counters and incorporating ice scrapers into the overhead power connectors. But other changes will be more noticeable and will make it easier for passengers with disabilities to ride.

"I've lost a lot of my stamina,” Patty Thorsen said as she explained how she relies heavily on public transportation. "I don't drive at all and I have difficulty walking long distances. It's absolutely essential. None of us knows when we may have to use a wheelchair.”

Wednesday, the Metropolitan Council approved $118 million to buy 27 new train cars. About $2 million of that is earmarked for tweaking the designs, which will be improved versions of the existing green line cars.



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Source: KSTP.com

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Posted In: Council News, Planning, Transportation

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