Shoveling snow and ice improves safety and mobility

Date: Wednesday, December 6, 2017

“Please shovel!”  That’s the plea being made by Metro Mobility, a metro area transportation service for people with disabilities. Metro Mobility manager Christine Kuennen said cleared sidewalks, steps and driveways are a matter of safety and mobility. 

Metro Mobility Provider Liaison Greg Schuck shovels snow from the area where Metro Mobility vans load and unload passengers on Robert Street in downtown Saint Paul.“Recent wintry conditions this year make it especially challenging for people with disabilities to get around,” she said.

“It’s tremendously helpful, and more safe, when sidewalks, steps, curb cuts  and driveways are cleared and passable--so our drivers can get customers between their pick-up and drop-off locations and the Metro Mobility vehicles.” 

Metro Mobility service provides more than two million rides a year, contracting with First Transit and Transit Team to provide service.

Wintry conditions are tough on riders and drivers alike.

“It’s a challenge for any driver to navigate on ice and snow-covered roads,” said Kuennen. “For Metro Mobility, poor road conditions translate into delays and longer trips for customers.

“Under those conditions, we’ve sometimes asked for our customers’ cooperation, urging them to cancel and reschedule any non-urgent trips. That helps to ensure quality service for those customers who have urgent transportation needs.” 


Customer Service questions can be directed to Metro Mobility at 651.602.1111 or Metro Mobility riders can cancel service by calling their provider.


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