Council approves federal funds for transportation services for older and disabled residents

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Date: 10/31/2017

The Metropolitan Council has approved 13 federal grants totaling nearly $2.6 million for private nonprofit and government organizations to help meet the transportation needs of older adults and people with disabilities.

Four of the grants are for Mobility Management projects that help connect older adults and people with disabilities with transit options. These projects help customers gain access to service through improved coordination and education and outreach initiatives, with the qualifier that these are not operating funds. 

Gerri Sutton, who oversees contracted transit services with the Council’s Metropolitan Transportation Services Division, says counties are a primary recipient of these funds because of their direct relationship to social service programs.

Organization and federal award amount

  • Dakota County - $235,200

  • Newtrax - $152,000

  • Scott County - $320,000

  • Washington County - $80,000

Nine grants are for bus purchases and equipment:

  • Achieve Services -  $113,600

  • North East Contemporary Services - $194,400

  • TSE, Inc. - $129,600

  • Lifeworks Services, Inc. - $129,600

  • East Side Neighborhood Services, Inc. - $64,800

  • Midwest Special Services, Inc. - $129,600

  • Newtrax, Inc. - $362,400

  • ProAct, Inc.-  $283,200

  • Rise, Inc. - $388,800

The Council, MnDOT and other government staff evaluated and recommended the projects for funding. Council officials say the projects help advance livability in the region by expanding transportation options to traditionally underserved populations.

The funds are from the Federal Transit Administration program, Enhanced Mobility of Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities – Section 5310. Funds are apportioned based on each state’s share of the population of the two groups of residents.

Matching local funds for the 13 grants is $645,800 (20%) for total project costs of $3,229,000.


Posted In: Communities, Planning