Video fun: Teach kids about wastewater treatment

Date: Monday, April 19, 2021

The Met Council has updated a popular presentation and created an animated video about the water cycle and what happens at a wastewater treatment plant. These tools, aimed at elementary and middle school students, work well for both in-person and virtual learning.

Come along with our water guides Ardea, Anati, and Anura to learn more about our water resources in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro region. You’ll learn about:

  • The water cycle
  • How we use water from the environment
  • How communities and the Met Council collect wastewater from your home, school, or work
  • How the Met Council’s largest wastewater treatment plant, the Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant, cleans that water so it's safe to return to the Mississippi River

Protecting public health and the environment

Effective wastewater (sewage) treatment is a critical service, provided by the Met Council and many partners, that protects the environment and protects public health.

Our presentation and video — plus some additional materials about the water cycle, watersheds and more — will introduce you to the fascinating, but often invisible, work of wastewater treatment. This work is part of the water resource management that keeps our communities safe and allows them to grow.

Learn more and download a pdf of the presentation.

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