Wastewater Treatment for Youngsters

Teaching youth about water resources

The water that people use in their homes and businesses comes from nature and must be cleaned up to be returned to nature. Clean water means less disease. Thus, effective wastewater (sewage) treatment protects the environment and it protects public health.

Wastewater Treatment for Youngsters

Wastewater Treatment for Youngsters provides a simplified look at wastewater treatment and gives the viewer a general idea of how the process works. We hope our presentation — plus some additional materials about the water cycle, watersheds and more — will help you understand how wastewater treatment relates to all water resource management.

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Questions about Wastewater Treatment for Youngsters can be directed to Kate Nyquist at kate.nyquist@metc.state.mn.us or 651-602-1268.

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Children checking out a groundwater modelThe Water Conservation Toolbox contains a wealth of tips and resources about using water wisely, especially designed for residents, businesses, communities, water suppliers, teachers and students.

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