Industrial Water Conservation in the North & East Metro Groundwater Management Area


  • $50,000


  • Completion in summer 2015
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The Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP) of the University of Minnesota identified opportunities for industrial water users in the North and East Metro Groundwater Management Area (N&E Metro GWMA) to reduce their water demand as part of the Department of Natural Resources strategies under the GWMA plan. The source of industrial water in this GWMA is largely groundwater. Several approaches were used for this effort in order to reach, inform, and interact with a broad range of industrial users.


Deliverables included: Highlights:
  • Generated 10 water conservation electronic newsletters for wide distribution in the area
  • Seven onsite water conservation opportunity assessment reports provided to participating companies
  • Three MnTAP intern projects in support of identification and implementation of water conservation options at target facilities in the N&E Metro GWMA
  • More than 37.2 million gallons per year of groundwater savings identified, corresponding to $100,000 annual savings
  • Final report compiling the results of the research and information outreach and onsite assessments


MnTAP staff compiled useful research and technical information on water conservation opportunities in industry, advertised and distributed water conservation information, tracked facility assessment water conservation recommendations, estimated conservation potential by site, and assisted companies with implementation of recommendations.