Municipal Water Supplier Data Reporting in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area

Phase 1: Background and Discovery


  • $50,000

Project Schedule

  • Completed May 2020


The Metropolitan Council in cooperation with CDM Smith consultants conducted a study of Municipal Water Supply data reporting in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area (TCMA). Municipal (or Public) Water Supply providers report a variety of data to meet state regulatory and regional planning requirements. Both water suppliers and the organizations that data are reported to, face a set of interrelated and complicated challenges associated with data reporting. This project used a combination of research and interviews of agency and city staff to identify those challenges and find opportunities to improve data reporting efficiency and reported data quality. 6 communities and 3 state agencies were interviewed to understand reporting requirements, reporting experiences, and associated challenges. Municipal data reporting requirements were summarized and potential solutions to address the identified challenges are offered in the project report.



  • Municipal Water Supplier data reporting requirements were identified and summarized
  • Agency and water supplier data reporting challenges were identified
  • Steps to improve water supply data reporting efficiency and quality were proposed