Water Conservation at Metro Businesses

Water Conservation Utilizing MnTAP Interns at Metro Businesses, MN


  • $1,062,500


  • Project end date: Dec. 31, 2025
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The Metropolitan Council, in conjunction with the University of Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP), is exploring opportunities for water conservation by businesses in the seven county metropolitan area. Opportunities for water conservation are being defined for numerous businesses through the dedicated resources of MnTAP summer interns. The interns analyze water conservation opportunities through full time work on site over the summers of 2014 through 2022. This information is available as resource, through both MnTAP and the Council, as a way to further engage industrial users in water conservation.


MnTAP staff members and interns track facility water conservation recommendations, estimate conservation potential by site, and document implemented recommendations with actual conservation water savings. MnTAP updates the Council on project status through phone or e-mail communications as requested by the sponsor.

  • Multiple MnTAP intern projects to identify and implement water conservation options at metro area facilities
  • Interns present the results of the work at a public meeting
  • Executive summaries are published
  • Industrial Water Conservation Grant Summary Report (pdf)


  • Multiple industries in the Twin Cities metropolitan area will reduce water consumption through the targeted efforts of MnTAP staff members and interns.