Feasibility Assessment of Approaches to Water Sustainability in the Northeast Metro


  • $440,000 estimated total


  • Completed winter 2014
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The Metropolitan Council, in conjunction with SEH consultants, is evaluating water supply approaches to serve the northeastern part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The communities in the study area have formed a groundwater workgroup to address the issue of future sustainability, and have expressed support for a study led by the Council to examine the feasibility of water supply approaches. Approaches to be considered include connection to Saint Paul Regional Water Services to supply drinking water, development of a new surface water treatment plant to draw water from the Mississippi River, and direct augmentation of White Bear Lake with river water.



  • Potential solutions to address emerging subregional water supply issues are identified
  • Alternative approaches to water sustainability and lake level restoration will be evaluated to provide better information to decision-makers in choosing a path forward toward regional water supply sustainability