Interactions of Groundwater and Surface Water Resources

Potential for Hydraulic Connections Between Bedrock Aquifers and Surface Water in the Twin Cities


  • $135,700

Project Schedule

  • Completed September 30, 2019


The Metropolitan Council in cooperation with HDR consultants conducted a study to improve the regional understanding of the interaction of groundwater and surface water resources in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area (TCMA). This Phase 1 study examined the potential for hydraulic connection between bedrock aquifers and surface waters. Bedrock aquifers are readily used for drinking water and other water uses in the TCMA, and prior work in the region has pointed to the importance of understanding where these connections are likely to occur. To do so, hydrogeologic data and information were compared with geochemical data throughout the region. By examining two lines of evidence, the study points to areas where bedrock aquifer connections to surface water are likely or unlikely. Where the two inquiry methods disagree, the study points to areas where more investigation, study, or data collection is needed. This assessment is intended to inform future regional studies and point to areas within the TCMA where local investigation of specific water resources may be useful to better predict where the interactions of groundwater and surface water may result in observable impacts.



  • Regional planning and local decision-making are better informed.
  • Water Resource monitoring is better informed.
  • Updated regional datasets of hydrogeologic and geochemical information.