North & East Metro Analysis of Potential for Aquifer Recharge & Stormwater Reuse

Potential to reduce groundwater pumping impacts in the NE Metro GMA through aquifer recharge & reuse


  • $88,750 estimated total


  • Completed May 2016

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The Metropolitan Council, in conjunction with HDR Engineering, Inc. consultants, evaluated the potential to reuse stormwater or recharge groundwater aquifers in the MN Department of Natural Resources' North and East Metro Groundwater Management Area. This work provides a first step in evaluating these approaches in the groundwater management area, and provides guidance for BWSR and other agencies to use additional grant resources to move projects toward implementation where they are found to be beneficial to water resources in the region.


  • Identification of areas suitable for aquifer recharge, along with the availability of stormwater runoff to serve as a source of water for non-potable activities including aquifer recharge
  • Identification of further detailed analyses that can be taken to move toward implementation of identified approaches

Sub Regional Report


  • Approaches to the sustainability of our water supplies were evaluated and recommendations for implementation were provided to agencies and others