Minneapolis East Interceptor (MEI) Rehabilitation

MCES Project 807643

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Project Update - March 21, 2023 (PDF) See previous Project Updates below.

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Project Description

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES), operator of the metro-area wastewater collection and treatment system, will be rehabilitating their Minneapolis East Interceptor (MEI) system at six sites in the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. All six sites are located on the east side of the Mississippi River between Lowry Avenue North and the Lake Street Bridge.

The MEI system consists of two parallel pipes that are connected by six control gates. The gates help control and direct sewer flow through the system. The system is aged and requires rehabilitation to manage flow and to minimize the risk of spills and other environmental impacts. Rehabilitating these structures includes:

  • Removing and replacing the hydraulic control gates
  • Removing and replacing vault hatches
  • Improving ventilation, ladders, and other items for worker safety
  • Repairing deteriorated concrete
  • Replacing sanitary sewer pipe and improving odor control at selected sites

This project began in early summer 2021. It is scheduled to be completed in summer 2023.

Project Map

Map showing project locations for the MEI Rehabilitation Project in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Project locations include: Marshall Street Northeast & 22nd Avenue Northeast, Minneapolis. 3rd Avenue Northeast & 5th Street Northeast, Minneapolis. Main Street Southeast & 2nd Avenue Southeast, Minneapolis. 2nd Street Southeast & 10th Avenue Southeast, Minneapolis. Oak Street & Essex Street, Minneapolis. Otis Avenue & Pelham Boulevard, Saint Paul.

Marshall Street & 22nd Avenue: through December 2022

The MEI system rehabilitation work at Marshall Street NE and 22nd Avenue NE resumed early September and will continue through early December 2022. 

Rehabilitation work in this area includes:

  • Removing pavement
  • Demolition of existing out of service underground vaults and sewer pipes
  • Cleaning and rehabilitation of sewer pipe using a spiral wound lining
  • Clean up and restoration of any disturbed areas.

MEI Marshall Street and 22nd Avenue Site Info Sheet (PDF)

Otis Avenue and Pelham Boulevard: June through November 2022

The MEI system rehabilitation work at Otis Avenue and Pelham Boulevard began in June and will continue through November 2022. . 

Rehabilitation work in this area will include:
  • Odor control improvements
  • Rehabilitation of sanitary sewer structures
  • Clean up and restoration of any disturbed areas
MEI Otis Avenue and Pelham Boulevard Info Sheet (PDF)

Project Updates

Project Update - March 21, 2023 (PDF) 149 kB

Project Update - January 20, 2023 (PDF) 290 kB

Project Update - December 22, 2022 (PDF) 269 kB

Project Update - November 21, 2022 (PDF) 408 kB

Project Update - October 14, 2022 (PDF) 324 kB

Project Staff

Project Manager: Jeff Schwarz, Area Manager, Interceptor Engineering
Council's Authorized Representative: Tom Buchal, Principal Contract Administrator, Construction Services

Project Contacts

For information, please contact:

Email: info@meirehab.com

Phone: 612-404-1343

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