Mound Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project

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Project Update - June 4, 2024 (PDF).  See previous Project Updates below.

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Project overview

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (ES), operator of the metro-area wastewater collection and treatment system, is rehabilitating aging and deteriorating sanitary sewer pipes (called interceptors) in the cities of Mound and Spring Park starting in spring 2024. These improvements will rehabilitate infrastructure, provide capacity for future growth and increase reliability.

The replacement work will occur along Shoreline Drive. Construction is expected to begin in June 2024 and is anticipated to be completed by April 2025.

The Met Council is committed to supporting clean water and a healthy environment, and maintaining regional sewers is an important part of doing so. This project will replace the aging and deteriorating sanitary sewer to ensure ongoing service.

These sewer pipes connect community lines serving homes and businesses in Mound to the regional wastewater system. A routine inspection showed these pipes are in very poor condition and in need of immediate repair. Replacing them will improve the wastewater system and protect against breaks or leaks that could impact public and environmental health near Lake Minnetonka.

Construction locations and activities

Project area map marked with two project sites along Shoreline Drive: one at the intersection of Auditors Road and one between Chateau Lane and West Arm Road. Construction work will focus on two main sites:
  • Shoreline Drive and Auditors Road intersection: The pipe in this area is sagging due to poor soil. A new pipe will be installed and the surrounding soil will be leveled and strengthened to prevent future issues.
  • Shoreline Drive between Chateau Lane and West Arm Road: The entire section of force main in this area will be replaced.
In 2025, Hennepin County is planning to reconstruct Shoreline Drive. Replacing the sewer pipes prior to construction will limit the overall length of disruptions in the neighborhood and prevent future construction on the newly rebuilt road.

Project schedule

This project is estimated to begin in June 2024 and be completed by April 2025, with final restoration in summer 2025.

Site one

Construction activities at site one, located at the Auditors Road intersection, are expected to begin the week of June 17. Crews will close Shoreline Drive between Commerce Boulevard to Wilshire Boulevard. Additional information is available in the detours and traffic impacts section below.

Site two

Crews will begin locating utilities for site two between Montclair Lane and West Arm Road on Monday, June 3. Workers may drill small holes along the north side of Shoreline Drive to ensure utility lines are properly located. Neighbors may experience noise from the drilling. 

To prepare for construction, crews will remove a small section of brush located between Shoreline Drive and the Dakota Regional Rail Trail from the Bartlett Boulevard intersection to Seton Channel. 

Construction at site two is expected to begin the week of June 17:
  • Crews will drill the entrance and exit pits necessary to replace the old portion of pipe using a pipe bursting method.
  • All traffic will be shifted to the south side of Shoreline Drive from Montclair Lane to West Arm Road. Additional information is available in the detours and traffic impacts section below.

What to expect

People who live or work near the project area may experience some disruptions, including temporary road and trail closures, general noise and vibration, temporary driveway closures, odor, dust, contractor equipment, lights, 24-hour pumps, and periodic overnight work.

There may be a need for excavation around some manholes to install equipment for removing existing pipes. Those living or working nearby may experience potential odors, noise and minor traffic impacts. Crews will install aboveground temporary wastewater conveyance pipes. These pipes are set up to transfer wastewater around the construction area. They will be primarily located above ground but will be buried under driveways and road crossings to maintain access. Temporary short-term closures of road and driveways will occur to bury these pipes.  Learn more about this in the “What is a temporary conveyance system?” section.

Met Council will alert the community ahead of any upcoming closures or other potential disruptions. To stay up to date on the project, join the email list.

Detours and traffic impacts

Sewer replacement will cause temporary road and trail closures. Please plan ahead for traffic backups and drive safely in the construction area.

Business and residential access will be maintained throughout construction.

Shoreline Drive closure at site one

Shoreline Drive will be closed from Commerce Boulevard to Wilshire Boulevard for approximately eight weeks. This closure is expected to begin Monday, June 17, and last through mid-August. A signed detour will direct traffic via Commerce Boulevard, Highway 125, and Wilshire Boulevard.

A detour map directing drivers to avoid Shoreline Drive, instead using Wilshire Boulevard through around to Commerce Boulevard.

Shoreline Drive lane shifts at site two 

All traffic will be shifted to the south side of Shoreline Drive from Montclair Lane to West Arm Road to allow space for construction. One lane of traffic will be open in each direction. 

Dakota Rail Trail 

The Dakota Rail Trail will also be temporarily impacted by construction. The trail will be closed from Kings Road to Montclair Lane for approximately eight weeks from late June through mid-August. A signed detour will direct trail traffic via Kings Road, Shoreline Drive, and Montclair Lane.

A detour map showing the Dakota Rail Trail closed from Kings Road to Montclair Lane.

What is a temporary conveyance system?

Aboveground temporary wastewater conveyance pipes will be installed to ensure there are no disruptions to sewer service during construction. These pipes reroute sewer flow around the work site during construction.

Some temporary conveyance pipes may be buried under driveways or roadways to maintain access/minimize disruption. Property owners will be notified in advance if this is necessary. Diesel pumps with noise dampening equipment (low noise) will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week as part of the temporary wastewater conveyance system.

Two photos showing aboveground sewer pipes placed along a boulevard next to the roadway and temporary pipes buried below a sidewalk.

What is pipe bursting?

The pipe at site two (Chateau Lane to West Arm Road) will be replaced using pipe bursting, an innovative method of replacing old or damaged pipes buried underground without completely digging them up. The pipe bursting method inserts a specialized tool into old pipes which breaks or splits this pipe in place. A new pipe is then pulled in behind the tool to replace the old pipe. This system causes minimal disruption and is both eco-friendly and cost-effective. 

An infographic of the pipe bursting method demonstrating a bursting head pulling a new pipe in the place of an old pipe pulled by a large orange pulling device in an entry pit.

Project Updates

Project Update - June 4, 2024 (PDF) 306 kB

Open House Presentation - May 13, 2024 (PDF) 2.7 MB

Open House May 13, 2024 (PDF) 531 kB

Project Map (PDF) 698 kB

Project Staff

Project Manager: Jeny Baroda, Principal Engineer, Interceptor Engineering
Council's Authorized Representatives:

  • Ron Grajczyk, Principal Contract Administrator, Construction Services
  • Cori Wallis, Contract Administrator, Constrution Services

Project Contacts

For information, please contact:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 952-491-0074

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