Transportation Advisory Board Meeting

Regular Meeting
May 17, 2023 | 12:30 p.m.
Location: Robert Street Council Chambers - Directions
Minutes (PDF)


Call to Order

  1. Approval of the Agenda

Public Invitation

Invitation to interested persons to address the Transportation Advisory Board. Pre-register at [email protected]. Each speaker is limited to a three-minute presentation.

Reports (12:35-12:50)

  1. TAB Chair’s Report – Jim Hovland, Chair
  2. Agency Reports – MnDOT, MPCA, MAC, Metropolitan Council, STA
  3. TAC Report – Jeni Hager, TAC Chair

Approval of Minutes (12:50-12:55)

  1. Approval of April 19, 2023, Transportation Advisory Board minutes

Consent Business (12:55-1:00)

  1. 2023-28: Streamlined 2023-2026 TIP Amendment – New Projects
  2. 2023-29: Streamlined 2023-2026 TIP Amendment – Fare Collection Equipment Cost Increase

Non-Consent Business (1:00-1:40)

  1. 2023-20: Scope Change for Hennepin County CSAH 153 (Lowry Avenue NE) Reconstruction (Jeni Hager, TAC Chair)
  2. 2023-21: Highway Safety Improvement Program HSIP (Jeni Hager, TAC Chair)
  3. 2023-22: Regional Solicitation – Criteria and Weighing (Jeni Hager, TAC Chair)
  4. 2023-23: Regional Solicitation – Minimum and Maximum Awards (Jeni Hager, TAC Chair)
  5. 2023-24: Regional Solicitation – Mode Splits (Jeni Hager, TAC Chair)
  6. 2023-25: Regional Solicitation – Policies, Qualifying Criteria, and Eligibility (Jeni Hager, TAC Chair)
  7. 2023-26: Regional Solicitation – Measures and Scoring Criteria (Jeni Hager, TAC Chair)
  8. 2023-27: Regional Solicitation – Release for Public Comment (Jeni Hager, TAC Chair)
  9. 2023-34: Release 2024-2027 Transportation Improvement Program for Public Comment (Joe Barbeau, MTS)

Information (1:40-2:30)

  1. MSP Airport Long-Term Plan and Stakeholder Engagement Update (Eric Gilles and Dana Nelson, MAC)
  2. PROTECT (Steve Peterson, MTS)
  3. Transitway Advancement Policy TPP Modification (Charles Carlson, MTS)

Items of TAB members


Other Business



*           Agenda item changed following initial publication

Committee information

Transportation Advisory Board

Committee contact:

Elaine Koutsoukos
[email protected]