Transportation Advisory Board

The Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) is a key participant in the region's transportation planning process. This board is where state, regional and local officials, transportation providers, and community members contribute to transportation planning and recommend projects for federal funding. The board:
  • Provides a discussion forum for state, regional and local officials, transportation providers and community members.

  • Reviews and comments on regional and statewide plans and documents produced by the Council and its partners.

  • Solicits, evaluates and recommends to the Council local and regional projects to receive federal transportation funding, known as the Regional Solicitation.

  • Recommends the region's Transportation Improvement Program, which includes all regional projects that have federal transportation funds being spent over the next four years.


The Transportation Advisory Board meets the third Wednesday of each month at 12:30 p.m.

Staff contacts

Meeting materials

Note: Minutes are not final until approved at the following meeting.

Meeting Date Agenda & Video Minutes Materials
11/17/2021 11/17/2021 Agenda & Video for Transportation Advisory Board   Materials
10/20/2021 10/20/2021 Agenda & Video for Transportation Advisory Board   Materials
9/15/2021 9/15/2021 Agenda & Video for Transportation Advisory Board   Materials
8/18/2021 8/18/2021 Agenda & Video for Transportation Advisory Board   Materials
7/21/2021 7/21/2021 Agenda & Video for Transportation Advisory Board   Materials
6/16/2021 6/16/2021 Agenda & Video for Transportation Advisory Board Minutes Materials

Board members

The 34-member board is chaired by one member nominated by the body and then recommended to the Metropolitan Council. That board chair serves as the liaison between the board and the Met Council.

  • Metropolitan Council - Deb Barber (Kris Fredson, alternate) 
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation - Michael Barnes (Sheila Kauppi, alternate)
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency - Craig McDonnell (Todd Biewen, alternate)
  • Metropolitan Airport Commission - Carl Crimmins
  • Suburban Transit Association - Burnsville Council Member Dan Kealey, MVTA (Prior Lake Council Member Kevin Burkart, MVTA, alternate)

TAB Districts Map (pdf)

  • TAB District A (Council Districts 1 and 2) - Doug Anderson (Timothy Huebsch, alternate)
  • TAB District B (Council Districts 3 and 4) - Frank Boyles (John Morast, alternate)
  • TAB District C (Council District 5 and 6) - Sue Sanger (Andrew Lewis, alternate)
  • TAB District D (Council Districts 7 and 8) - Ashwat Narayanan (Glen Johnson, alternate)
  • TAB District E (Council Districts 9 and 10) - Christopher Geisler (Choua Que Vang, alternate)
  • TAB District F (Council Districts 11 and 12) - Mary Giuliani Stephens (Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger, alternate)
  • TAB District G (Council Districts 13 and 14) - William Lindeke (Shannon Watson, alternate)
  • TAB District H (Council Districts 15 and 16) - Peter Dugan (vacant, alternate)
  • Cottage Grove Mayor Myron Bailey (Council Member Steve Dennis, alternate)
  • Maple Grove Mayor Mark Steffenson (Council Member Phil Lieth, alternate)
  • St. Paul Council Member Mitra Jalali (Council Member Chris Tolbert, alternate)
  • Edina Mayor James Hovland, Chair
  • Minneapolis Council Member Kevin Reich (Council Member Lisa Bender, alternate)
  • Hugo Council Member Becky Petryk
  • Chaska Mayor Mark Windschitl (Council Member Mike Huang, alternate)
  • Savage Mayor Janet Williams (Bob Coughlen, alternate)
  • Blaine Council Member Julie Jeppson (Jessica Robertson, alternate)
  • Eagan Council Member Gary Hansen (Rosemount Mayor Bill Droste, alternate)
  • Anoka County - Matt Look (Scott Schulte, alternate)
  • Carver County - Tom Workman (Matt Udermann, alternate)
  • Dakota County - Mary Liz Holberg (Kathleen Gaylord, alternate)
  • Ramsey County - Mary Jo McGuire (Trista MatasCastillo, alternate)
  • Hennepin County - Debbie Goettel (Kevin Anderson, alternate)
  • Scott County - Jon Ulrich (Michael Beard, alternate)
  • Washington County - Stan Karwoski (Wayne Johnson, alternate)
  • Transit - Mathews Hollinshead (Kyle Olson, alternate)
  • Transit - Amity Foster (Kyle Olson, alternate)
  • Freight (appointed by MnDOT) - George Schember
  • Non-motorized - Nick Fox (Brian Martinson, alternate)
  • Metropolitan Council, MTS Director - Nick Thompson
  • TAB Coordinator - Elaine Koutsoukos
  • TAC Chair - Lisa Freese