METRO Blue Line Extension Corridor Management Committee
December 10, 2020
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Virtual Meeting
Committee Members & Alternates: See Link in Meeting Appointment
Public Attendee Link

1. Call to Order and Welcome (Chair Zelle)
2. Approval of October 8, 2020 BLRT CMC Meeting Summary (Chair Zelle)
3. Committee Reports/Updates
  a. Chair’s Update (Chair Zelle)
  b. CAC/BAC Meeting Reports (CAC/BAC Co‚ÄźChairs)
4. Project Alignment and Engagement Principles: CMC Adoption (Dan Soler)
5. 2020/2021 Engagement and Communications (Sam O’Connell)
  a. Project Transition Resources (Sam O’Connell)
  b. Community Engagement Activities Update (Joan Vanhala)
  c. Advisory Committee Reappointments (Sophia Ginis)
6. Acknowledgement and Thank You (Chair Zelle)
7. Next Meeting: TBD January/February 2021 (Chair Zelle)
8. Adjournment (Chair Zelle)