Metropolitan Council Meeting

Regular Meeting
September 8, 2021 | 4:00 p.m.
Minutes (PDF)

NOTICE: The Metropolitan Council Chair has determined it is not practical or prudent to conduct in-person meetings in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, committee members will participate in this meeting via telephone or other electronic means and the meeting will be conducted under Minnesota Statutes section 13D.021 at the date and time stated above. We encourage you to monitor the meeting remotely. There will be an opportunity for members of the public to provide public comment as part of our virtual meeting of the full Metropolitan Council; you may pre-register to speak by emailing us at [email protected]. You may also email your comments, and we will respond to your comments in a timely manner.


I.    CALL TO ORDER – Roll call


August 25, 2021 Metropolitan Council Meeting 


Invitation to interested persons to address the Council on matters not on the agenda. Public comment on the agenda items has occurred in the respective committees (each speaker is limited to a three-minute presentation).

V.    CONSENT AGENDA – Roll call

Note: Items listed under the Consent Agenda will be enacted by one motion with no separate discussion. If discussion on an item is desired, the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda for separate consideration.            
  1. 2021-209: METRO Purple Line BRT Historic Preservation (Section 106) Memorandum of Agreement (Chelsa Johnson, 651-602-1997; Charles Carlson, 612-349-7639)
  2. 2021-218: Metropolitan Council Policy 3-3-4 Travel and Meeting Reimbursement Policy (Marie Henderson, 651-602-1387) 
  3. 2021-220: METRO Purple Line Master Funding Agreement with Minnesota Department of Transportation (Charles Carlson, 612-349-7639, Craig Lamothe, 763-258-3361)
  4. 2021-228: Commitment to Reducing Barriers and Increasing Opportunities for Small Targeted Group Businesses and Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (Jody Jacoby, 651-602-1144) 


A. Community Development – No Reports
B. Environment
  1. 2021-230: Interceptor Chemical Odor Control System - Contract #20P215A and #20P215B (Chris Remus, 651-602-4538) – Roll call
  2. 2021-231: Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant Electrical Renewal – Phase 3, Project 808916 (Rene Heflin, 651-602-1077) – Roll call
C. Management
  1. 2021-211: Labor Agreement with the Law Enforcement Labor Services (LELS), Inc., Local 192, Part Time Police Officers (Marcy Cordes, 651-602-1582) - Roll call
  2. 2021-219: Labor Agreement with the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), Local 1005 (Marcy Cordes, 651-602-1582) - Roll call
D. Transportation
  1. 2021-201: Metro Transit Uniforms, Contract 21P063 (Steve McLaird 612-349-7572) - Roll call
  2. 2021-216: Southwest Light Rail Transit (Green Line Extension) Kimley-Horn Contract Amendment No. 2 for Construction Management Support Services, Contract 17P060 (Jim Alexander, 612-373-3880) - Roll call


  1. 2021-233: 2050 Water Resources Policy Plan Advisory Group (Charles A. Zelle, 651-602-1390) [Presentation] – Roll call 


  1. Quarterly SWLRT Update (Jim Alexander, 612-373-3880) [Presentation] [SWLRT Disaggregated Participation Data for Disadvantaged Busines Enterprises and Workforce]


A.    Chair                  
B.    Council Members          
C.    Regional Administrator     
D.    General Counsel 


JT    Joint business item; presented at two or more committees prior to being presented at Council
SW    Action taken by the Council and Committee the same week 
*     Additional materials included for items on published agenda 
**     Additional business items added following publication of agenda
***     Backup materials available at the meeting  

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