Transportation Committee Meeting

Regular Meeting
July 25, 2022 | 4:00 p.m.
Location: Heywood Council Chambers - Directions
Minutes (PDF)


Call to Order

  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of July 11, 2022 Transportation Committee minutes

Employee Recognition – Metro Transit

  1. Metro Transit General Manager


  1. Metropolitan Transportation Services Director
  2. Metro Transit General Manager

Consent Business

  1. There are no consent items on the agenda.

Non-Consent Business

  1. 2022-205: Blue Line State of Good Repair Phase 3 Design Contract (Michael Wnek 612-349-7634)
  2. 2022-146 JT: 2022 Budget Amendment – 2nd Quarter (Ed Petrie 612-349-7624 & Heather Aagesen-Huebner 651-602-1728)


  1. Preliminary 2023 Operating Budget (Ed Petrie 612-349-7624 & Heather Aagesen-Huebner 651-602-1728)


JT:       Joint business item; presented at two or more committees prior to being presented at Council
SW:      Action taken by the Council and Committee the same week
*           Agenda item changed following initial publication

Committee information

Transportation Committee

Committee contact:
Jenna Ernst
[email protected]