Water Supply Advisory Committee Meeting

Regular Meeting
December 20, 2022 | 1:00 p.m.
Location: Robert Street Room 1A - Directions
Minutes (PDF)


Call to order

  1. Approval of the agenda
  2. Approval of July 17, 2022 Metropolitan Area Water Supply Policy Advisory Committee minutes
  3. Approval of September 8, 2022 Metropolitan Area Water Supply Technical Advisory Committee minutes  

Business item

  1. Endorse chapter one of the updated metro area water supply plan (Lanya Ross, 651-602-1803)

Information items and committee work

  1. Year-end review of 2022 committee accomplishments (Lanya Ross, 651-602-1803)
  2. Proposed 2023-2024 work plan (Lanya Ross, 651-602-1803)
  3. Government affairs and legislative update (Sam Paske, 651-602-1015)

Next steps

  1. Finalize work plan and design 2023 meetings
  2. Verify committee meeting schedule
  3. Support filling committee vacancies
  4. Engage subregional water supply work groups and partners (postponed from November 2022)


Committee information

Water Supply Advisory Committee

Committee contact:

Shannon Skally
[email protected]