Of the Metropolitan Council
Notice of a Meeting of the
Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Metropolitan Council
9:00 A.M.
1.         Call to Order
2.         Approval of Agenda
3.         Approval of March 7, 2018 Minutes
4.         TAB Report
5.         Committee Reports
  • Executive Committee (Lisa Freese, Chair)
  • Planning Committee (Jan Lucke, Chair)
    1. 2018-24 Draft Transportation Policy Plan Release for Public Comment
      (link to Dropbox)
  • Funding & Programming Committee (Paul Oehme, Chair)
    1. 2018-25 Scope Change: St. Paul Safe Routes to School
    2. 2018-26 Scope Change: MnDOT HSIP
    3. 2018-27 TIP Amendment: Safety Performance Measures (link to presentation)
6.         Special Agenda Items 7.         Agency Reports
8.         Other Business
9.         Adjournment
Click here to print all agenda items at once.
Streamlined Amendments going to TAB this month. Contact Joe Barbeau with questions at 651-602-1705.
MnDOT Railroad Crossings
MnDOT 5310 Projects
MnDOT NHPP Projects