Rail construction to intensify in 2020

Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2020

People working on a long, narrow building.Cities and residents in the METRO Green Line Extension (Southwest LRT or SWLRT) corridor will experience intensified construction activities in 2020. The largest public works project in state history will see heavy construction occurring at many points on the 14.5-mile future light rail line.

“We completed significant work in 2019, focused mostly on getting construction areas established, moving utilities, and starting significant bridge and tunnel structures,” said Sam O’Connell, senior manager of public affairs at the Southwest project office. “This year will be our first year of heavy construction along the whole corridor.

“Construction activities will get pretty intense out there, and we are asking the public’s patience as we build this critical transportation project,” she said.

The best way to stay informed about what is happening in localized areas is to subscribe to weekly construction updates by text or email. You can also follow the SWLRT project on Twitter.

Project office staff expect to employ drone footage to help show construction progress in 2020, and will continue outreach to cities, businesses, community groups, and residents.

2020 construction schedule by corridor city

SWLRT project quick facts

Route: 14.5 miles through Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Hopkins, St. Louis Park, and Minneapolis, connecting to destinations throughout the metro area, including the international airport, Mall of America, and downtown Saint Paul

Stations: 16 new stations will connect to other transit services, jobs, schools, and trails

Project cost: Just over $2 billion, funded by federal, county, state, and local sources

Forecasted jobs in the corridor in 2035: 226,200

Open for service: 2023

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