Harrison Sewer Improvements

ES Project No. 809205

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Project Description

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (ES), operator of the metro area wastewater collection and treatment system, plans to rehabilitate the aging regional sanitary sewer pipe along Currie Avenue and Dupont Avenue. ES identified several areas of deterioration and structural issues with the sewer pipe, which was originally installed in 1889. The last major improvements identified in the record plans, were performed over 50 years ago.

Map of area southwest of Highway 55 and I-94.  Currie Avenue West and Dupont Avenue North are highlighted as the project location; they intersect south of Glenwood Avenue.

The work will include replacement of the sanitary sewer pipe along Dupont Avenue and construction of a lift station and sanitary sewer pipe to serve sewers in the area south of Glenwood Avenue. A few City sewers will need to be rerouted to the lift station site. The specific site of the lift station has not yet been identified.

What to expect during construction

  • Excavation and backfill of trenches in streets for pipe installation and restoration of the streets and related areas.
  • Partial closures of Currie Avenue and Dupont Avenue and some adjacent local streets. Local access will be maintained, but there will be short-term driveway closures Drivers should follow posted detour routes.
  • Sidewalk and bike lane closures. Bicyclists and pedestrians should follow posted detour routes.
  • Temporary parking restrictions along impacted streets.
  • Dust, noise, odors, vibrations, and equipment staging in and around the work area.




Project Updates

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Project Staff


Project Manager: Ryan Piner, Principal Engineer, Interceptor Engineering

Project Contacts

For information, please contact:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 651-602-4514

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