Tuesday, July 21, 2020
WebEx | 6:00 PM
Call-in number: 1-855-282-6330
Conference Code Number: 146-009-1927

Passcode: 984-677-63

NOTICE:  Governor Walz has declared a peacetime emergency (Emergency Executive Order 20-01) in response to COVID-19 and the Metropolitan Council Chair has determined it is not practical or prudent to conduct an in-person Equity Advisory Committee meeting for reasons stated in the Governor’s Emergency Executive Order. Accordingly, Equity Advisory Committee members will participate in this meeting by electronic means and the Equity Advisory Committee meeting will be conducted under Minnesota Statutes section 13D.021 at the date and time stated above. Members of the public may monitor this meeting by using this call-in number: 1-855-282-6330; meeting code: 146-009-1927; passcode: 984-677-63. If you have comments about a matter on the agenda, please submit via email to



I.     Call to Order 


II.    Approval of Agenda


III.   Approval of Minutes


IV.  Regional Economic Framework

       Mike Larson, Senior Planner; Tawanna Black, CEO, Center for Economic Inclusion;
       Amanda Taylor, Vice President of Research, GREATER MSP

       Regional Economic Framework Information Item
       Regional Economic Framework Presentation

V.   Rethinking Areas of Concentrated Poverty

       Matt Schroeder, Principal Researcher; Krysten Ryba-Tures, Senior Researcher

        Rethinking Areas of Concentrated Poverty Presentation
        Digital Report

VI.  Overview of Council Equity Strategy Framework 

        Mitzi Kennedy, Equity Manager, Office of Equal Opportunity

        Metropolitan Council Equity Strategy Overview
        Metropolitan Council Equity Strategy Presentation

VII. Discuss the Committee’s 2020 Work

Co-chairs Nelima Sitati Munene and Francisco Gonzalez

         Equity Advisory Committee 2020 Work Plan

VIII. Survey and Subcommittee Work

Leah Goldstein Moses, Committee Member

IX.   Announcements


X.   Adjournment