Video challenge

The Metropolitan Council is updating the Regional Parks Policy Plan. The plan has an important vision for expanding the regional parks system, creating an inclusive history, expanding access to the parks, and creating climate resiliency. We invite you to submit a video to influence the parks plan and share your vision for the future of parks.

Please submit a short video (30 seconds – 1 minute) responding to one of the questions listed below. Or, you can share what a dream regional park system looks and feels like to you! Everyone enjoys the parks differently, and we want to share your story and voices through this video.

How to participate in the video challenge

Record your video outside. Include your favorite outdoor activity, or do something totally different. Get creative and have fun!

The video you submit must be your own. By sending your video, you are giving the Met Council permission to have and use the video for the Met Council’s business purposes and to share the video as required by law.

Participants who provide their mailing address will receive a $20 gift card in compensation for their expertise and insights. Participants may submit more than one video entry, but an individual’s compensation will not exceed one $20 gift card.

Employees of the Metropolitan Council and regional park implementing agencies are not eligible to receive compensation.

We will feature a few of the videos.

Deadline: October 25

Submit your video

Tips to help with your video

  • Shoot in landscape format (horizontally) on your phone.
  • If you decide to film your video in an outdoor space like a park, find someplace without background noise and with lots of light so we can see and hear you.
  • Film yourself or ask a family member to film you. Try to keep your phone stable as you are filming, especially if you are moving around.
  • Leave a few seconds of pause before and after you talk so the video can be edited without cutting out any audio.
  • Have fun with it! Be creative.

Suggested topics

Pick which question is most important to you and film your response. Feel free to take your video in any direction you choose.

Topic 1: Adding parks and trails

People use the region’s parks for connecting with family and friends, building community, picnicking, camping, hiking, biking, and being in nature, among other popular activities.

  • Do you support adding parks and trails to the regional parks system?
  • What parks and trails do you use and love? What do you do when you visit?
  • What would your dream regional parks system look and feel like?

Topic 2: Reconsidering history

The regional parks system’s parks and trails are on lands that the Anishinaabe and Dakota people have long cared for and called home. The lands hold great historical, spiritual, and personal significance for the Tribal nations, the original stewards of this land. The Metropolitan Council, in partnership with the 10 regional parks implementing agencies, proposes to explore honoring this history through land acknowledgment and broader regional conversation.

  • Do you support efforts to tell a more inclusive history of the regional parks system? What would this mean to you?
  • How could the regional parks system reflect your history and culture better?
  • What does a land acknowledgment mean to you?
  • Who do you think should be included in this work?

Topic 3: Equitable access

The regional parks system will gain a new type of special recreation feature called a “bridging facility” with this update. The goal of this facility will be to ensure our parks encourage broader participation by people of different races, ethnicities, national origins, ages, abilities and income. This update will also consider establishing a “water trail” park providing safe places for people to paddle creeks and rivers in the region.

  • Do you support unique approaches to welcome new park users?
  • Do you support parks and trails that include paddling on a water trail?
  • What does a welcoming regional parks system look like to you?

Topic 4: Environment, climate, and the parks

Trees are the lungs of the atmosphere, cleaning the air of pollutants for a more resilient future climate. Parkland plays a significant role in mitigating climate change – keeping us healthy, protecting water, providing habitats, moderating temperature, and teaching future generations about nature. By expanding the regional parks system, we’re fighting pollution, managing water, and providing critical habitats.

  • Do you support caring for and protecting the open space and parks?
  • Why does caring for our environment matter to you?
  • What would adding high quality land to the regional parks system mean to you?
Submit your video


Email Ellie Hohulin at if you have any questions.