Parks Projects

Adding land, more features, big plans for the future

Dozens of new projects and plans are unfolding every year within the Regional Parks system. And much work is already underway for 2020 and beyond.

Hmong girls playing soccer at festival.Council forecasters anticipate that the region will grow from 2.85 million residents in 2010 to more than 3.6 million in 2030 – that’s 850,000 more people in 20 years. Planning ahead, the Council’s Regional Parks Policy Plan calls for expanding the regional parks system to protect valuable natural resources and provide additional recreational opportunities for the growing population.

Among the work ahead are projects to add new high-impact features, protect the region’s water quality, and promote best management practices. All the work helps integrate the parks with housing, transportation and other regional Council policies.

Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission

The Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission (MPOSC) helps the Council develop a long-range plan and an acquisition and development program that includes funding priorities for regional parks.

MPOSC works in coordination with 10 regional park implementing agencies (cities, counties and special park districts) that own and operate regional parks facilities within their jurisdiction.