Metropolitan Council Meeting

Regular Meeting
July 22, 2020 | 4:00 p.m.
Minutes (PDF)

NOTICE: Governor Walz has declared a peacetime emergency (Emergency Executive Order 20-01) in response to COVID-19 and the Metropolitan Council Chair has determined it is not practical or prudent to conduct an in-person meetings for reasons stated in the Governor’s Emergency Executive Order. Accordingly, advisory committee members will participate in this meeting via telephone or other electronic means and the meeting will be conducted under Minnesota Statutes section 13D.021 at the date and time stated above. We encourage you to monitor the meeting remotely. If you have comments, we encourage members of the public to email us at [email protected]. We will respond to your comments in a timely manner.


I.          CALL TO ORDER – Roll call

II.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA – Roll call

III.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Roll call

July 8, 2020 Metropolitan Council Meeting


Joint Report of the Management, Community Development, Environment, and Transportation Committees
  1. 2020-182 JT: 2020 July Budget Amendment (Stewart McMullan, 651-602-1374) – Roll call 

V.        CONSENT AGENDA – Roll call

Note: Items listed under the Consent Agenda will be enacted by one motion with no separate discussion. If discussion on an item is desired, the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda for separate consideration.                                 
  1. 2020-191: Southwest Light Rail Transit (Green Line Extension) Master Utility Agreement with CenterPoint Energy – Amendment 2 (Jim Alexander, 612-373-3880)
  2. 2020-192: Council Property Insurance Contract Renewal (Phil Walljasper, 651-602-1787)
  3. 2020-193: Ticket Vending Machine Software Upgrade (Nick Eull, 612-349-7364)
  4. 2020-196: Agency Safety Plans (Mike Conlon 612-349-7516, Gerri Sutton, 651-602-1672) [MT Bus Plan] [MT LRT Plan] [MTS Safety Plan]
  5. 2020-197: Amend Interagency Agreement with Anoka County (Sheila Williams, 651-602-1709, John Harper, 651-602-1744)
  6. 2020-199: Purchase Go-To Card Validators for Orange and D-Line (Dennis Dworshak, 612-349-7035)
  7. 2020-200: Purchase Ticket Vending Machines for Orange and D Line (Dennis Dworshak, 612-349-7035)
  8. 2020-204:  Metro Plant Polymer Contract Amendment, Contract 15P142 (Joseph Ward, 651-602-8302)
  9. 2020-205:  MCES Process Bulk Chemicals for 2020, Contract 20P110 (Joseph Ward, 651-602-8302)
  10. 2020-206:  Ratification of Declaration of Emergency #62 for Primary Tank Collector Chain – Three Tanks (Tim Amstutz, 651-602-1221; Dan White, 651-602-8299)


A. Community Development
  1. 2020-170 SW: Annual Metropolitan Regional Parks Operations and Maintenance Allocation (Abdiwahab Ali, 651-602-1823) – Roll call
  2. 2020-185: Parks Implementing Agencies Operation and Maintenance Grant Agreements (Nicole Clapp, 651-602-1723) - Roll call
B. Environment
  1. 2020-203: Adoption of Wastewater Rates and Charges (Ned Smith, 651-602-1162) - Roll call                               
C. Management – Reports on Consent Agenda
D. Transportation              
  1. 2020-194: Approval for Body-Worn Cameras, Contract Number 19P297 (Leah Palmer, 612-349-7232) - Roll call 
E. Joint Report of Environment and Community Development Committees
  1. 2020-183 JT: City of Apple Valley 2040 Comprehensive Plan and Comprehensive Sewer Plan, Review File 22169-1 (Patrick Boylan, 651-602-1438) - Roll call
  2. 2020-184 JT: City of Norwood Young America 2040 Comprehensive Plan and Comprehensive Sewer Plan, Review File 22238-1 (Raya Esmaeili, 651-602-1616) - Roll call 


  1. Information Item: Citizens League – Police Review Proposal [presentation]
  2. Information Item: A Decade of Growth: 2019 Population Estimates (Matt Schroeder, 651-602-1513) [presentation]
  3. Information Item: Rethinking Areas of Concentrated Poverty and Place-based Equity (Matt Schroeder, 651-602-1513; Krysten Ryba-Tures, 651-602-1821) [presentation]


  1. Chair                                            
  2. Council Members               
  3. Regional Administrator    
  4. General Counsel


JT            Joint business item; presented at two or more committees prior to being presented at Council
SW          Action taken by the Council and Committee the same week
*               Additional materials included for items on published agenda
**             Additional business items added following publication of agenda
***            Backup materials available at the meeting  

Committee information

Metropolitan Council

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Ryan O'Connor, Regional Administrator
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