Regional Parks Ambassador Program

Helping introduce non-users to the Regional Parks System

The Regional Parks System Ambassador Program is designed to help non-users become familiar with and use the Regional Parks System.

Interested in learning more about the regional parks?

Want to visit but you’re unsure where to begin? Contact Regional Parks & Natural Resources Manager, Emmett Mullin, via email, or phone 651-602-1360.

Parks Ambassador Program aims to build trust, awareness

Beginning early 2017, the Metropolitan Council has supported an outreach program to increase awareness of regional parks and to specifically engage underrepresented communities to use this world-class system.
The focus of this ambassador program’s work is building trust and authentic relationships with communities who are not using the Regional Park System.
The Park Ambassador Program works in coordination with the 10 regional park implementing agencies to achieve more equitable use of the Regional Park System.

The Parks Ambassador Program grew out of the policy direction in the 2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan and feedback from focus groups, who noted that the key barrier to regional park use was lack of awareness.

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