We keep our rates reasonable. Wastewater fees average $31 a month per household — estimated to be 35% less than other large U.S. wastewater utilities, according to the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.  

Our three largest sources of revenue:  

  • Municipal Wastewater Charge  
    We charge our customer communities for sewer service; they pay based on the volume of wastewater treated.  

  • Sewer Availability Charge  
    We charge our customer communities when properties first connect to the system, and when properties expand or change (causing more demand on the system).  

  • Industrial Waste Charges   
    We have 948 industries with permits to discharge wastewater that needs additional treatment steps. Additional fees depend on the types of services provided.  

2022 sources (actual): $339.5 million


2022 uses (actual): $336.0 million