Blue Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Project

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Project Update - July 24, 2023: schedule updated. See below for previous Project Updates and information on how to submit comments on the draft facility plan.

About this Project

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (ES) is responsible for protecting public health and the environment through efficient and cost-effective wastewater collection and treatment for the Twin Cities region. ES is preparing a Facility Plan for improvements to its Blue Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant in Shakopee.

The draft facility plan for the Blue Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Project outlines plant upgrades needed to serve anticipated growth in the southwest metropolitan area through 2050 and meet new water quality standards for phosphorus. Improvements to the Blue Lake Plant will help ES maintain service reliability, preserve assets at the existing facility, improve efficiency and safety, protect the environment, and partner with customers.



The draft Facility Plan was completed in early February 2021. The public was provided an opportunity to weigh in on the plan at an online public information meeting and public hearing and during the public comment period from February 8, 2021 to March 25, 2021. The Facility Plan was finalized in late spring of 2021.  The design is currently underway for Phase 1.  Three construction projects are expected, with the first beginning in spring of 2025.

Online Public Information Meeting and Public Hearing

The ES project team hosted an online public information meeting and public hearing March 15 at 6 PM.


Blue Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Project Public Hearing Presentation (PDF)

Project Materials


Project Updates

Online Public Hearing and Comment Period Notification - February 25, 2021 (PDF) 293 kB

Blue Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Facility Plan (PDF) 7.4 MB

Project Staff

Project Manager: Jason Peterson, Project Manager, Plant Engineering

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Please contact our project team through the public comment line or project email address.

Email: [email protected]

Public comment line: 651-602-1500

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