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Project Update - June 7, 2024 (PDF).  See previous Project Updates below.

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Project Description

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (ES), operator of the metro area wastewater collection and treatment system, is installing a new regional sewer on the north side of I-94 between I-694 and Inwood Avenue in Oakdale, Minnesota. The work includes the installation of about one mile of 21-inch to 30-inch sewer pipe. The project will also replace an existing sewer that crosses I-94 near Bielenberg Drive / Helmo Avenue and will have a component of work in the City of Woodbury. 

Construction of the ES sewer extension will bring regional service to western Lake Elmo to meet the needs of development and growth in the area. Currently, this portion of Lake Elmo is provided sewer service via a City of Oakdale sewer that is nearing its capacity. The project will also improve service for south-eastern Oakdale.

This project is the first phase of a program to improve regional sewer service to Oakdale, Woodbury, and Lake Elmo. New development and redevelopment are expected to continue to increase sewer flow rates in this part of the Twin Cities in coming years. ES is planning now to ensure sewer infrastructure is in place to meet the needs of future growth and prosperity in the East Metro.

Expected Community Impacts

Construction of new sewer infrastructure can have temporary impacts on a community. The most common impacts include noise, dust, and odor from construction activities, as well as traffic detours.  Neighbors can expect to see large construction equipment, deep trench excavation, and temporary stockpiling of materials such as soil and sewer pipes in the project area.

There are several residents and businesses in the project area. ES will work closely with those directly impacted by our work to develop mitigation strategies to minimize disruption while the work is taking place. This may include temporary access, accommodations, or coordinating work schedules with businesses.

Image of previous sewer construction project in process, showing an excavator lifting a large section of pipe with a hole through it.

Image of previous sewer construction project in process, showing an excavator on the edge of a hole with a construction structure at the bottom.  The excavator is lowering a piece of pipe into the hole.

Project Schedule

Bidding: Fall 2023
Construction: Spring 2024 to Summer 2024


Project Map

Lake Elmo West Connection Project site map. Project area runs along the north side of I-94 between I-694 and Inwood Avenue in Oakdale and crosses I-94 near Bielenberg Drive/Helmo Avenue in Woodbury. The west end of the project area will connect to an existing MCES regional sewer, and the east end will connect to an existing Lake Elmo forcemain.

Public Involvement

Initial Meeting with Property Owners:  November 2021
Additional Property Owner Meetings: Winter 2022
Open House: Spring 2024


Project Updates

Project Update - June 7, 2024 (PDF) 316 kB

Open House Presentation - May 2024 (PDF) 3 MB

Project Staff


Project Manager: Tom Jauquet, Principal Engineer, Interceptor Engineering

Project Contacts

If you have any questions or concerns about this project, please reach out through the project email or hotline at:

Email: [email protected]
Call our project hotline: 651-302-3314

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