Wednesday, June 24, 2015
390 Robert Street North | Council Chambers | 4:00 PM


AGENDA                         amended

I.          CALL TO ORDER  



June 10, 2015 Metropolitan Council Meeting


Invitation to interested persons to address the Council on matters not on the agenda. Public comment on the agenda items has occurred in the respective committees (each speaker is limited to a three-minute presentation).

ADA Proclamation (Wanda Kirkpatrick 651-602-1085)

V.        BUSINESS

Note: Items listed under the Consent Agenda will be enacted by one motion with no separate discussion. If discussion on an item is desired, the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda for separate consideration.
Joint Report of the Management, Environment, Transportation, and Community Development Committees
1.    2015-111    Authorization to Amend the 2015 Unified Budget: Second Quarter Amendment (Paul Conery 651-602-1374) Roll Call
Joint Report of the Management and Transportation Committees
1.    2015-145 SW  Authorization to Amend the 2015 Unified Budget (Ed Petrie 612-349-7624, Mary Bogie 651-602-1359) Roll Call


Note: Items listed under the Consent Agenda will be enacted by one motion with no separate discussion. If discussion on an item is desired, the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda for separate consideration.
1.    2015-113   Authorization to Apply for Section 5311 Non-Urbanized Area Formula Program Funds, Resolution No. 2015-5 (Sheila Williams 651-602-1709, John Harper 651-602-1744)    
2.    2015-116   Authorization to Execute Diesel Fuel Contract 15P041 with Western Petroleum (Chuck Wurzinger 612-349-5007)                         
3.    2015-117   Authorization to Release 2015 Transportation Demand Management (DTM) CMAQ Solicitation (Katie White 651-602-1716)         
4.    2015-118   Central Corridor Light Rail Transit: Request for Additional Construction Change Order Authority for the Systems Contract (Chris Beckwith 612-373-5370, Mark Fuhrmann 612-373-5330)                                  
5.    2015-123   Authorization to Award Contract for Hennepin County Transit Link (Sheila Williams 651-602-1709, John Harper 651-602-1744)                                               
6.    2015-124   Authorization to Enter into Interagency Agreement with Anoka County (Sheila Williams 651-602-17709, John Harper 651-602-1744)                                      
7.    2015-126   Authorization to Amend Premium Same Day Service Contract (Dana Rude 651-602-1663, Andrew Krueger 651-602-1689)          
8.    2015-128   Authorization to Negotiate and Execute Land Acquisition Agreement for Future Lift Station Site, MCES Project No. 807900 (Bryce Pickart 651-602-1091)
9.    2015-129   Authorization to Award and Execute a Contract for Construction of North Area Interceptor Rehabilitation, Phase 8, Project No. 808680, Contract 15P079 (Karen Kennan 651-602-4561)
10.  2015-130   Authorization to Award and Execute Targeted Stormwater Grants for the Waconia Stormwater Reuse Project, Minnesota Zoo BMP Project, and Tree Trust Disadvantaged Youth Project (Judy Sventek 651-602-1156)
11.  2015-131   Authorization to Execute Engineering Services Agreements for Interceptor Projects (Scott Dentz 651-602-4503)
12.  2015-133   City of Brooklyn Park Astra Village West Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Review File No. 20463-10 (Lisa Barajas 651-602-1895)
13.  2015-134   City of Lakeville Avonlea Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Review File No. 20445-11 (Patrick Boylan 651-602-1438)
14.  2015-135 Establish Public Hearing Date for the Public Housing Agency Plan (Terri Smith 651-602-1187)
15.  2015-136   Bridges Rental Assistance Program, Resolution No. 2015-6 for Grant Renewal (Terri Smith 651-602-1187)
16.  2015-139   Reimbursement Consideration for Parking Lot Project at Lilydale-Harriet Island Regional Park, St. Paul (Jan Youngquist 651-602-1029)
17.  2015-140   Land Exchange and Boundary Amendment for Rice Creek North Regional Trail, Ramsey County (Jan Youngquist 651-602-1029)
18.  2015-141   Set Public Hearing Date for 2016-2021 Regional Parks Capital Improvement Program (CIP)  (Jan Youngquist 651-602-1029)
19.  2015-142   Park Acquisition Opportunity Fund Grant for Spring Lake Park Reserve, 13586 Fischer Avenue, Dakota County (Tori Dupre 651-602-1621)
20.  2015-146 SW  2015-2018 TIP Amendment: Metro Transit Section 5307 Preventative Maintenance (Joe Barbeau 651-602-1705)
21.  2015-155 SW  Authoriztion to Execute a Joint Powers Agreement with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for Supplemental Funding of the EIMS Redesign Project (Judy Sventek 651-602-1156)**


A. Community Development
1.    2015-137   Livable Communities Act Tax Base Revitalization Account (TBRA) Grant Recommendations (Marcus Martin 651-602-1054)                                        
B. Environment  
1.    2015-151 SW  Authorize the Release of the 2015 Twin Cities Metropolitan Area Master Water Supply Plan to Full Council for Approval, Start Formal Public Review Process and Adopt August 11, 2015 Public Hearing Date (Lanya Ross 651-602-1803)                    
C. Management—No Reports
D. Transportation              
1.    2015-125   Authorization to Award Contract for East, West, Crosstown Regular Route Transit Service (Bruce Dreier 651-602-1708, John Harper 651-602-1744) 


1.   2015-147   Appointment of the Regional Administrator (Adam Duininck 651-602-1390)
2.   2015-150   2015 Livable Communities Advisory Committee Appointments (Adam Duininck 651-602-1390, Beth Reetz 651-602-1060)
3.   Information Item: Big Picture Budget Presentation (Mary Bogie 651-602-1359)
4.   Information Item: SWLRT Technical Capacity Review (Accenture)
5.   Information Item: SWLRT Cost Reduction Scenarios (Craig Lamothe 612-373-3830)


A.    Chair                                            
B.    Council Members                          
C.   Regional Administrator    
D.   General Counsel


SW          Action taken by the Council and Committee the same week
*               Additional materials included for items on published agenda
**             Additional business items added following publication of agenda
***            Backup materials available at the meeting