Metropolitan Council appoints advisory committee members with broad perspectives and experience

Date: Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Metropolitan Council appointed members to eight of its advisory committees who will provide guidance and advice to the Council on its policies and plans.

The committees advise the Council on transportation planning and funding, transportation accessibility for people who have disabilities, equity issues and policy, funding under the Livable Communities program, internal finances and investments, regional land use and comprehensive planning, and regional parks and trails.

The Council fills openings on its advisory committees throughout the year. It still seeks additional advisory committee members, and periodically solicits applicants when committee vacancies arise.

Transportation Advisory Board

The Council named Edina Mayor Jim Hovland as board chair and five members who represent combinations of Council districts. The Transportation Advisory Board consists of 34 members drawn from county and city elected officials, residents, transportation providers, and representatives of state and regional agencies. Created by the state legislature, the board helps shape regional and state transportation policies and plans, and recommends regional projects for federal funds. Transportation Advisory Board members

Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Council appointed David Fenley, ADA director of the Minnesota Council on Disability, as committee chair, and six additional members to its Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee. The 16-member committee advises the Council on management policies for the region’s public transportation serving people who have disabilities. Created by the Minnesota Legislature, it includes riders and advocates for older people and the disability community, as well as representatives of service providers and other agencies. Half of the members must be certified to use Metro Mobility, the region’s ADA-mandated public transportation service. Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee members

Livable Communities Advisory Committee

The Council appointed five people to the Livable Communities Advisory Committee, whose 14 members have experience and backgrounds in community-based development, finance, the environment, land planning, and site design and architecture. The committee makes recommendations to the Council for awarding grants to strengthen and improve cities under the Livable Communities Act. Livable Communities Advisory Committee members

Equity Advisory Committee

The Council named four people to the 21-member committee, two representing combinations of Council districts and two at-large members. The Equity Advisory Committee advises the Council in its work to create more equitable outcomes for people who live and work in the region, and meet the Council’s equity commitments in its Thrive MSP 2040 regional plan. Equity Advisory Committee members

Audit Committee

The Council appointed four members of the public to the eight-member committee. The Audit Committee assists the Council in fulfilling its oversight responsibility to ensure the integrity of its financial and operational results, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and performance of internal audit and external auditors. Audit Committee members

Investment Review Committee

The Council named two members of the public to its Investment Review Committee, which provides ongoing oversight and review of the Council’s investment program. The committee consists of two Council members, the Council’s chief financial officer, and two members of the public with strong relevant financial background. Investment Review Committee members

Land use committee

The Land Use Advisory Committee provides advice and assistance to the Council on regional land use and comprehensive planning, and in matters of metropolitan significance as defined by state law. The committee is chaired by Council Member Wendy Wulff and has 17 other members — one from each Council district plus one additional member to ensure that each county has representation. All 17 seats were up for appointment in January 2019. Appointments to the committee include a mix of local elected officials and residents. Land Use Advisory Committee members

The Council is still seeking someone to represent District 2 (Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Columbia Heights, Fridley, Hilltop, and Spring Lake Park).

Parks commission

The Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission advises the Council on matters related to the regional parks and trails system. The commission has nine members — eight district representatives and a chair who represents the region at large, all appointed by the Council. The terms are for four years and staggered. Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission members

The Minnesota Legislature established both the land use committee and the parks commission in state law, which defines the geographic representation for each group.

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