Equity vs Equality poster; link to the Council's Equity in Action information.Our region has significant racial economic disparities, including growing areas of concentrated poverty. Thrive MSP 2040 identifies equity as one of five primary outcomes for our region as we grow increasingly racially and ethnically diverse.

Equity is also a goal of the Met Council’s Transit Oriented Development Policy that directs us to “advance equity by improving multimodal access to opportunity for all.” TOD planning and implementation can fit into a range of strategies that improve the economic well-being of families and communities.

Approaches to reach more equitable outcomes

Ways we can reach more equitable outcomes through TOD planning and implementation:

  • Involving people of all incomes, backgrounds, and abilities in planning and implementation

  • Making places more inclusive through urban design, public spaces, services, programming, and activities

  • Retaining and expanding living-wage jobs in locations with access to transit

  • Preserving housing affordability and developing new housing choices near transit

  • Addressing concerns over rising land values and rents near transit investments

  • Improving access to recreation, schools, healthcare, and daily goods and services near transit


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We can help! Contact for resources on equity and Met Council initiatives:

Michelle Fure, Manager of Community Involvement

Community Engagement
Housing Choices
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