Parking & Travel Demand Management

With TOD, parking is a limited and managed resource. Surface parking typically uses large amounts of land, reduces the overall density of an area, and can dominate a neighborhood. On the other hand, structured or underground parking can be costly and make it more difficult to finance a project. In many places throughout the region, land values and rents may not yet support densities that make structured parking feasible.

Planning for TOD means planning for parking when more people will be walking, bicycling, and using transit. As car-sharing services, such as HourCar or Car2Go, become more common, the number of parking spaces needed will lessen in developments. Planners can engage their communities and identify opportunities to reduce the need for parking, increase the efficiency of its use, and reduce the impact of its presence.

Car Parking
Bicycle Parking
Parking Districts
Car & Bike Sharing


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