Equity Evaluation of Regional Transportation Investments

A person using a smartphone while standing at a bus stop.The Metropolitan Council is evaluating the equity impacts of processes that fund, plan, and select regional transportation projects. The investments the Met Council makes, and how those investments are prioritized, can have long and lasting impacts on communities, neighborhoods, and families.

As value-systems evolve, investment in our transportation systems must move to align. Injustices like racial housing covenants were still legal as recently as 1968, when a lot of big transportation decisions were made that benefited one group over another.

As the region’s designated planning agency, the Met Council needs to look at how all types of transportation work to equitably benefit the people who use the system. Equity means including people from many different communities across the region in the process — especially those who are most affected.


This evaluation will focus on the populations defined in federal Title VI and Environmental Justice laws, specifically Black, Indigenous, and people of color, and low-income communities.

The Met Council has hired a consultant team for this evaluation. Their work is guided by an Equity Policy Group made up of community members who have lived experience using and living near the transportation system. The group will co-create an equity framework and tool for evaluating transportation investments, inform their methods, analyze the findings, and create the recommendations and outcomes of this work.


  • Create an equity framework and evaluation tool that can be used to analyze and evaluate transportation investment processes for their inclusiveness and impacts on equitable transportation outcomes and benefits for the region.
  • Create recommendations and actions that can be applied to various transportation investment processes to result in more equitable decision-making processes and transportation investment outcomes for the region.

Process and timeline

  • Spring-Summer 2022: The consultant team will select and convene the first meeting of the Equity Policy Group.
  • Fall 2022 - Winter 2023: The consultant team will review transportation investment processes and co-create a technical memo with the Equity Policy Group on a focused set of project investment types to evaluate.
  • Spring 2023: The consultant team will provide a review of existing equity evaluation frameworks and tools to the Equity Policy Group to inform co-creation of a framework and tool to evaluate transportation investment processes.
  • Summer 2023 - Winter 2024: The consultant team and Equity Policy Group will pilot evaluations on a select number of transportation investment processes.
  • Spring 2024: The Equity Policy Group will develop recommended strategies and actions to reduce inequities in transportation investment processes and improve the distribution of transportation benefits.


This evaluation will create:

  • A review of select transportation investment processes
  • An equity evaluation framework and tool
  • Pilot equity evaluations of investment processes
  • Recommended strategies and actions for implementation and continued improvement


Amy Vennewitz
[email protected]