Travel Behavior Inventory (TBI)

Where, when and how we travel

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Did you know that your travel patterns help shape the transportation system of the Twin Cities metro area?

Our daily commutes to and from work. Our errands around town. Vacations and visits to relatives.  Even bike rides and walks. All of these trips figure into the “travel demand” in the region, which affects the plan for highways, transit facilities, and bike and pedestrian connections.

Every 10 years, the Metropolitan Council conducts a battery of surveys to find out where, how, when, how often, and why people in the region travel.  Findings from the seventh regional TBI — conducted from the fall of 2010 to the spring of 2012—are now ready.
The surveys are used to provide policymakers and researchers the most current data about travel in the region.  They are also being used to develop a major update to the region’s travel demand forecasting models, which are used to forecast traffic and transit ridership for all major projects.
Data from the 1990 and 2000 TBIs was instrumental in planning and justifying every major transportation project built in the region in the past decade.

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