Data and Research Results

These surveys give the Met Council critical data to study travel trends as they change and evolve over time. The data collected is used to update and validate the Met Council’s travel forecast model. That forecast model can be used to compare large-scale scenarios, understand the effect of existing policy assumptions on traffic or transit usage, or to understand the impacts or value of major transportation investments.

Travel Behavior Inventory data explorer tool

Use this tool to explore the data from the Travel Behavior Inventory. This rich data set has a wealth of categories and variables to slice the data so that users can look at topics, geographies, demographics, and more to meet specific transportation themes.

More information on the data explorer tool

Full data sets – Minnesota Geospatial Commons

You can access full data sets for data collection periods of the Travel Behavior Inventory on the Minnesota Geospatial Commons. This is a collaborative space for users and publishers of Minnesota’s geospatial resources. The commons is used by researchers, cartographers, web and application developers, journalists, planners, and other citizens who need GIS data for a project.

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