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Metro Mobility eligibility guidelines, certification and re-certification process
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The federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines determine eligibility for Metro Mobility services. People are generally eligible if:

  • They are physically unable to get to the regular fixed-route bus
  • They are unable to navigate regular fixed-route bus systems once they are on board
  • They are unable to board and exit the bus at some locations

Under the federal ADA guidelines, individuals may be eligible for Metro Mobility services if any of the following conditions apply:

  • A person is physically unable to get to the bus because of their disability or health condition within an area that the fixed-route serves.
  • A person is unable to navigate the regular fixed-route system because of their disability.
  • A person is unable to board or exit the bus at some locations because of their disability.

To be eligible for Metro Mobility a person must be “unable” to use the fixed-route at least some times. If their disability makes it “hard” or “harder” for them to use the fixed route they would not qualify for Metro Mobility.


Generally people are eligible for up to four years. Certification dates are set to coincide with the expiration date on the rider's Minnesota State ID card or drivers license when possible. In limited cases where a person is of advanced age or has a deteriorating health condition, Metro Mobility may grant ‘permanent’ or lifetime certification. If an applicant with lifetime certification does not ride for four years, their file will be marked inactive and they will need to contact the Metro Mobility Service Center to resume ridership.


People who are visiting from outside the Metro Mobility Service area can ride as temporary visitors for up to 21 days in a year. In order to access Metro Mobility, visitors must have disabilities or health conditions that sometimes prevent them from accessing regular-route buses and trains.  Visitors who need more than 21 days of access in a year are required to complete the Metro Mobility certification process.

To access Metro Mobility as a visitor, or ask questions about the visitor policy, please contact the Metro Mobility Service Center at 651-602-1111 or [email protected].


People who have a temporary condition that prevents them from using fixed-route transit service, like Metro Transit, may be approved on a temporary basis for up to nine months.


  • Lack of fixed-route service does not qualify a person for Metro Mobility. If the person could use the fixed route if it were available in their area they would not be eligible.
  • Fear of riding the fixed route city bus does not qualify a person for Metro Mobility.
  • Social vulnerability, taken by itself, does not qualify a person for Metro Mobility.


These are general guidelines. If you have questions about whether you may or may not qualify for Metro Mobility, please contact our Customer Service staff: phone 651-602-1111*,  TTY 651-221-9886, email: [email protected]. *DO NOT contact customer service to schedule rides. To schedule rides, contact your trip provider.


Send questions or comments to Metro Mobility.

Call Customer Services at 651-602-1111 (TTY 651-221-9886)
between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.


To request these materials in an alternative format, please contact the Service Center at 651-602-1111, 651-221-9886 (TTY) or [email protected].


To determine eligibility for service, you must submit a completed Metro Mobility Application Form that includes both the Certification Questionnaire & Professional Verification Form.

Step 1: Complete the Certification Questionnaire (PDF).

A Certification Questionnaire should be filled out by the person applying for Metro Mobility or an advocate who is familiar with the person’s condition. It is important that both the person applying for Metro Mobility AND the person who assisted in filling out the application sign the form.

Step 2: Complete the Professional Verification Form (PDF).

Have the Professional Verification Form completed by a licensed professional health care provider who is familiar with the person’s condition.

Step 3: Submit both completed forms together to process the application.


Step 4: Metro Mobility professionals review the application.

Metro Mobility staff will review your application forms and contact you within 21 days with an eligibility determination. If we do not process your completed application within 21 days, you will be eligible for Metro Mobility until we complete the certification process.

Step 5: In-Person assessment.

If the application packet does not contain all of the information that we need to determine eligibility, we will ask you to come in for an in-person assessment.



Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM to 4 PM
Phone: 651-602-1111

TTY: 651-221-9886

Email: [email protected]


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