Metro Mobility ADA Service Area Changes

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Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Metro Mobility is required to provide service that is comparable to the service offered by the region’s all-day, local, regular-route bus and train system. Specifically, we must provide the federally mandated service within three-quarters of a mile of any all-day, local bus or rail route in the Twin Cities with similar hours of availability.

When the regular route transit system is updated with new routes or trips times, Metro Mobility does the same to align our service with those changes. Staff have worked to make updates to match areas where there’s been a service expansion or reduction.

Metro Mobility has already put the most recent ADA service area and service hour expansions in place. Current maps and service hours are located at Trip Providers, Areas & Hours.

Public comment

Service reductions require a notification six months prior to activating those changes. Riders can comment on these service changes through the Metro Mobility Service Center at 651-602-1111 (TTY 651-221-9886) [email protected].

Service area reductions

Metro Mobility’s service area is changing in September. With these changes, some trips that aren’t currently on standby may be in the future.

Service area maps, effective Sept. 3, 2024:

Riders in these areas will still have access to Metro Mobility service. For customers who have booked a trip to or from an affected area, after Sept. 3 some of those trips could go on standby. With standby trips, you book as usual, but a reservationist will contact you the day before your ride to confirm your trip and give you your pickup time.

This service adjustment may affect areas within the following zip codes:






Preview trips in the federal & state service areas look up form

The September service area interactive map changes are previewed below and will be live during the six-month notification period so riders can test their trips. We understand that changes to the system can be an adjustment for our riders. Our goal remains to provide the most efficient and effective service throughout the region.

To find locations, please enter:

Day of week:

Addresses for your trip:


  • Guaranteed trips
  • The area within 3/4 mile of all-day local regular route service.
  • Trips that begin and end in this zone are guaranteed and cannot be placed on standby.
  • Standby trips
  • Metro Mobility services the Transit Taxing District as established by the Legislature in March 2006.
  • Trips that begin or end outside of the ADA Service Area, but within the Metro Mobility Service Area will be placed on standby.

Contact us

Riders can comment on these service changes through the Metro Mobility Service Center.
TTY 651-221-9886
[email protected]