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illustration of homesDon’t let clear water into the wastewater system. It costs you in many ways:

  • Causes sewer backups into homes
  • Causes sewer overflows into rivers and lakes
  • Increases sewers and utility fees
  • Increases the need for larger and more expensive sewer pipes and treatment facilities

At a glance: I/I on your property

In-depth: I/I on your property

Protecting your health and home: reducing inflow and infiltration (pdf)Protecting your health and home: reducing inflow and infiltration (pdf)
Protecting your health and home, while reducing utility fees, starts with you. Learn how inflow and infiltration costs property owners and communities, and what you can do to identify and correct issues on your property.

For more information about programs in your community or to get a list of qualified contractors who can inspect your sewer service line, contact your community’s public works department.

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