Bayport Sustainable Landscape Restoration

ES Project 805501


The Bayport (L68) project site is located at 498 Main Street South. 

As part of its mission to improve water quality and ensure a sustainable water supply for the region, Metropolitan Council Environmental Services is working to plant landscapes that need less water, reduce runoff, and provide habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies.  For more information, see the Program Page.  

Site Plan

The Met Council is committed to maintaining its sustainable landscapes and has hired skilled contractors to design and manage the site in your neighborhood. See below for a map of the plans.
Map showing the sustainable landscape plan for the Bayport site. The southwest corner of the property is woodland edge. The rest of the property is dry mesic prairie with a bee lawn buffer along the east edge and at the north end of the property. There are landscape shrubs in front of the lift station building along Maine Street South along with a project message center. Boundary markers are placed along the south, west and north sides of the site.


Last updated: July 11, 2024
Project Update - July 11, 2024 (PDF) 444 kB

Project Update - May 31, 2024 (PDF) 152 kB

Project Update - May 6, 2024 (PDF) 187 kB

Project Update - April 12, 2024 (PDF) 145 kB

Project Update - October 9, 2024 (PDF) 105 kB

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Phone: 651-286-8452


Project Manager:
Michael Villari, Principal Engineer, Interceptor Engineering