Rosemount L75 Sustainable Landscape Restoration

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The Rosemount (L75) project site is located at 1700 145th Street West in Rosemount.  

As part of its mission to improve water quality and ensure a sustainable water supply for the region, Metropolitan Council Environmental Services is working to plant landscapes that need less water, reduce runoff, and provide habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies.  For more information, see the Program Page.  

Site Plan

The Met Council is committed to maintaining its sustainable landscapes and has hired skilled landscape architects and contractors to design and manage the site in your neighborhood. See below for a sketch of the plans.

Map of Lift Station 75 site plan south of County Road 42 and south east of Auburn Avenue. Sustainable landscape plantings will include native stormwater prairie, bee lawn, mixed-height prairie, short grass priarie, wildflower rain garden, and native trees and shrubs. The L75 site plan also shows existing white pine trees, bur oak trees, and eastern red cedar trees that will be maintained.


Last updated: June 28, 2024
Rosemount L75 Fact Sheet (PDF) 2.8 MB

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Phone: 651-760-0075


Project Manager:
Kaitlin Swanson, Principal Engineer, Interceptor Engineering