Mississippi River Streams

Comprehensive Water Quality Assessment of Select Metropolitan Area Streams
Mississippi River near Saint Paul

The Mississippi River tributary streams are part of the overall Comprehensive Water Quality Assessment of Select Area Streams

Comprehensive Water Quality Assessment of Select Metropolitan Area Streams

This assessment is the first major study conducted by the Met Council that examines the historical water quality of the 21 streams and stream segments monitored by Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) and its partners.

This study, and the 2023 update to trend calculations through 2021, provide a base of technical information that can support sound decisions about water resources in the metro area − decisions by the Met Council, state agencies, watershed districts, conservation districts, and county and city governments.

A simple overview of the study is provided in the Executive Summary Factsheet (PDF). Each stream section has been written as a stand-alone document, although the Introduction and Methodologies (PDF) and the Glossary and Acronyms (PDF) sections provide useful background information.

Methodology for the 2023 update to the study can be found in the Stream Pollutant Trend Update Methodology (PDF) document, and the trend update for each section may be found in the list below:

Protecting the region’s water resources

This work supports the regional policies established in the Metropolitan Council’s Thrive MSP 2040 and 2040 Water Resources Policy Plan. These plans direct us to collaborate with partners to promote the long-term sustainability and health of the region’s water resources, including surface water, wastewater and water supply.