Providing transit operations, planning and capital improvement


System Planning and Programming

This unit drafts the updates to the Council’s long-range regional transportation plan every four years, in compliance with federal requirements. It also prepares the list of transportation projects selected for federal funding and a four-year Transportation Improvement Program, working through the Transportation Advisory Board.

Regional Transportation Services

Contractor Regular Routes oversees contracts with nonprofit organizations and private companies to provide about 5% of regular-route bus service in the metro area.

Metro Mobility

This program provides transit services for people with disabilities who can’t use regular-route transit service. Two private transit providers are under contract with the Council to provide the service. The Council staffs and manages the Metro Mobility Service Center, which evaluates and certifies applications for ADA eligibility, provides customer service support and manages the overall program.


Bus Operations

This department has four units:

  • Engineering and Facilities - manages the planning, engineering, design and construction of Metro Transit bus and rail facilities.
  • Maintenance - manages the maintenance operations for a fleet of over 900 buses.
  • Transportation - ensures service for the 73 million bus trips taken annually in the Twin Cities area.
  • Service Development - manages scheduling and planning for bus service.

Rail Operations

This department has three units:
  • Rail Transportation - manages service delivery for light rail transit.
  • Systems Maintenance - coordinates and evaluates maintenance and repair of all light-rail system track, traction power, signals, electrification systems, as well as right-of-way maintenance, and sign/shelter maintenance.
  • Vehicle Maintenance - manages the engineering system specifications and requirements, construction and requirement of light-rail vehicles.

Transit Systems Development 

This unit manages budget, procurement, contract management and oversight for the system design and construction of the light-rail transit system.

Security/Police Services

Metro Transit has its own police force, committed to the safety of its customers and drivers, serving seven counties and 85 cities in the metropolitan region. There are 23 full-time officers, 146 part-time officers and five administrative staff dedicated to public safety.

Rail and Bus Safety

This unit is responsible for ensuring the safety of workers and members of the public who use Council facilities and services.


This Metro Transit department consists of Purchasing, Customer Services and Marketing, Finance, Grants Management, and Materials Management.